November 13, 2014
Are robot finally looks like one , the boys put the robot frame together also put the last piece of the wheels together and the girls made the ball chute.

November 6, 2014
All the boys and girls put one side of the wheels together.

November 1, 2014
Our robotics club wiki website was born!

Oct 30, 2014
Our program got the shot of energy we needed with the addition of Kathleen Ricker and Miki Oliver. Kathleen is our new School Based Coordinator and in her first week at CFHS she found us Miki, helped recruit a great bunch of new students, found us a space for the practice field and is working on funding for a larger robot. Both Miki and Kathleen have the experience working with HS robotics programs that we were lacking. Kathleen has also introduced the idea of having an all girls team.

Miki Oliver also joined us this week. Miki is a local engineer who is an experienced obotics mentor and thankfully knows how to teach students how to build robots. Miki held the students spellbound discussing his experiences with robotics and robotics competitions.

Oct 23rd
This afternoon was a little crazy because of the battle of the classes, so we didn't have great attendance but we started building the chassis shown in the robot instruction book. We did a little trouble shooting to get it put together correctly. We also realized that we have to get started on the computer with programming. We are contacting IT to get the software put on the computers in room 138.

Oct 17
Angel S. manned our table at the college and club fair along with our tiny dancing robot. Angel recruited some new students for the club.

Oct 16
We watched the challenge videos for this year and made a small dancing robot to show at the Central Falls High School college and club fair on Oct 17th.

Oct 9
Our very first meeting of the year. Three former robotics team members came: Sterling, Carlos and Angel, along with some interested new students. We took out the robot parts and tried to figure out what we had.